Module 5


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This is the big one, the mack daddy. My clients love me and it’s not about the money!

My job as a photographer is to produce gorgeous professional portraits that my clients love so much it keeps them coming back for more, with love. First and foremost, it is simply inbuilt in me to do the best I can each and every time, like you do as well I am sure. My reward is that my clients love me and love my work!

Don’t get me wrong I like earning money and love to be able to support my family but it’s not my first focus! I push myself creatively at each and every shoot, I want to create something new and unique for their family.

I started as a photographer and never saw myself as a sales person but I am naturally really good at it because I am so passionate about creating amazing wall pieces for my customers and they trust me. They know I have their best interest at heart.

The two areas I love the most and where I am most creative is shooting and then designing.

I will show you how to design and sell with love and ease. I want to work with photographers who want to improve on their skills and upscale their sales. This is about possibilities. It is absolutely possible to sell $10K, $20K and $30K packages.

I am so excited to share my knowledge with you and help you learn about client connection. There is so much we can do to ensure your clients love you and your work. I want to go through these point in depth with you so you are creating amazing connections with your customers.

I have had a successful business for over 25 years and although I still have new customers, I have created an everlasting loyal connection with my previous customers. My customers always return.

I have photographed families over generations, from when they were pregnant, to newborn, to toddlers, to teens and grandparents. I am now photographing families who I first met and photographed when they were kids themselves. Awesome right?

If you really look after your customers, produce amazing work and treat them so beautifully, your customers will always remain loyal. 

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