Module 4


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Your business needs to work around you. Design your business model to suit your lifestyle and desires.

You can set up your business how you want it, there are no rules. We are all aware of the importance of having a good work life balance but are you putting it into practice? It is one of the biggest struggles as business owners’ we have to learn how to take care of ourselves because we are so focused on our business and putting everyone else first.

I am always improving on my best work life balance. Once you start taking care of yourself and doing things that make you truly happy, you will notice the positive effect it has on your business. We think that we have to put all our energy into our business, work ridiculous hours, stay up late editing etc. 

What happens is you are just racing, racing to finish work, then racing around after kids, rush rush rush is not good for us. I am here to tell you, your success will come when you are treating yourself kindly too. 

If you are doing things that make you happy outside of work this will show within your business. Self care is paramount to your success.

When you create this work life balance it also brings out the best in your staff, suppliers and customers. To receive the best from people you must treat them beautifully. If you are stressed, exhausted or are running on no sleep, this will show and subconsciously effect your business. You are responsible for creating the best work environment which means focusing on your health and happiness.

It’s OK to do things you love, things that make your heart sing!

I was one of the worst culprits for not taking care of myself and purely focusing on my business. I remained happy and positive because that is who I am but I know now that it truly affected my sleep, my weight and my social life. I am here to guide you into your best work life balance and to make sure you are creating time for yourself to exercise, see your friends and family or just simply relaxing. 

You don’t have to work crazy 10 or 12 hour days to make money, TRULY you don’t. You have many options, you can outsource what you don’t want to do, you can hire Full Time or Part Time staff or employ Contractors.

WHAT IF…you made more money per shoot so you didn’t have to work like a dog, simple!!!

Your business needs to work around your life. You need to set up your business to suit your life. I designed my business to suit me and my family. If you are working insane hours, every day, in the end you will hit a wall. It’s unsustainable and you will eventually feel resentful. 

You need to work with where your life is at. This is different for everyone. Whether you are closed Monday’s and opened Saturday’s, let’s work out your desired business and set some boundaries! 

I first started my business at home in 1994 and moved out to a custom built Studio in East Brisbane for 17 years with 8 staff as well as a franchise in Melbourne and Sydney and in 2018 I moved it all home to where I began. It’s like coming full circle.

Don’t be afraid to change, nothing is set in stone, if something isn’t working, CHANGE IT! Change it to suit YOU and your life, not your client!

So let’s do this together, let’s create your best work life balance and start setting boundaries. You will absolutely flourish.