Module 3


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You are worth more! I am here to tell you, that what you are charging now is not enough. I want to teach you how to charge for what you are truly worth and get clear on what you really want to sell. I want to help you learn how to value yourself and get your power mojo back on.

As artists we don’t have a sheet of paper saying what we should be charging for our artwork. We don’t have set prices that we have to stick by. In my first 4 years in business I was having a lovely time, shooting anything and everything, and making no money. I hit a wall and I was so over it. I hadn’t put myself through 4 years of working Full Time and going to University 4 nights a week for nothing.

It was like the straw that broke the camel’s back, I was done. I wanted to be hugely successful but in my early years did not know how to get there. It took believing in myself and my work to really reach success.

These days, I see too many photographers lacking the confidence to charge properly, and this is exactly the reason I am here today. Photographers are selling their gorgeous work for almost nothing. This needs to change because let me tell you, the work we create and provide our customers is so beyond valuable, you cannot even put a price on it. 

We don’t always have to be struggling artists!! Imagine if you didn’t have to struggle and work your guts out to make money as an artist. Because you don’t have to be, it’s up to YOU!

Please stop undercharging and overgiving your beautiful, irreplaceable work. You need to value your skills, expertise and art. I cringe every time a photographer sells everything from a shoot for e.g. $500. Seriously, it kills me!!

You can sell anything you desire, finished artwork or digital files, but at least charge appropriately for it. We are ARTISTS and your customer will love and appreciate you more if you value yourself. How do you expect your customers to value your work, if you don’t? 

If you are cheap the expectation is that your work is probably not amazing,  just cheap and cheerful. I had a customer tell me that her friend said I was expensive. I will never forget what she replied back to her friend, “Yes, but Katrina is the BEST and she is worth every penny”. 

This is why customers come to me because I am worth every penny. I believe in my work and what I create for theses families. They come to me because they know I will capture AMAZING photos of their family . 

As photographers, we are creating the most beautiful, everlasting memories for our customers, it is worth more than $10 a file. We capture special moments that are going to be passed down generations, shown to their grandchildren and their grandchildren.

At some point you will want to be paid more. You’ll get to a point where you start valuing yourself more. I want you to start pushing yourself more and start claiming your worth much earlier. I can guarantee you, your work is worth more than what you are charging now. 

If you have a degree, if you are qualified, if you have experience and your work is beautiful, you should be charging for it! 

I really want you to make money and be successful. The start to your future success is going to happen when you start charging what you are worth. You are worth more and your artwork is worth more. 

You will always have inquiries about pricing and people saying that they could go to Harvey Norman and print their photos for $1. What customers don’t consider is the time it takes from booking the shoot, shooting, editing, proofing, the design consultation and then to actually producing the finished artwork. 

There is a long process involved when you are a professional photographer and you should not settle for anything less than what you are worth. If you are thinking that people are not going to pay for what you are worth, then firstly, they are not your customers and secondly, your business will never grow.

You might be comfortable where you are now with what you’re charging but if you want to potentially earn $5,000 – $30,000 per shoot, you’re going to need to learn to charge more than what you’re currently charging to achieve those goals.

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