Module 2


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It’s OK to be a creative and make amazing $$$!

I want to talk money, your business budget, all about staff and so much more. Let’s take the blindfold off and get clear on the tools you need to manage and create a beautiful successful business. We start our own photography business because we love what we do but we also want to create a business where money does not hold us back and supports ourselves and our family.

I know in my earlier days when I went to industry events it was all about your craft, and I remember thinking what about money, why isn’t anyone talking about business? It was like money was a dirty word! We DON’T have to be starving artists!

I started from the bottom just like you and along the way I learnt how to pay myself properly, how to run a business and how to realistically know what I could and could not afford. I’ve been through it all, the cost of a home studio, the cost of a Brisbane studio and the cost of running two franchises. 

When you are in business you need to be clear on what you need to earn every month to pay yourself, your staff, bonuses, your bills as well as making profit for growth and investment.

I started as photographer and quickly became a BOSS businesswoman, I LOVE business.  

When I started I was having the loveliest time working Part Time trying to grow my business. I made no money for the first 4 years and OMG something had to change. I was fed up with being burnt out, stressed and worried about if I would have enough money for bills. Within years I was bringing in 6-figures and went on to turn over 7-figures. 

This came about because, not only did I continue to hone my craft and became a master photographer, I also became a successful businesswoman.

You can imagine over 25 years in business, I have experienced so much. I have had huge highs and my share of lows as well. I now want to share my experiences and knowledge with you. When you are a creative and start your own business, it can be hard to understand the business side of things because you just want to shoot beautiful families. I studied photography, not business. So, when I started my own business I suddenly had to learn all about business. Luckily I loved it and embraced the business side, but not everyone does and it can be totally overwhelming.

I want to make this as easy and beautiful for you so you know exactly what to expect. I will talk all about profit, you need to remember it’s not the turnover you make; it is the profit at the end of the day.

I’m also here to tell you to pay yourself a wage! If you can consider yourself to be professional and your work is beautiful, then you are worthy of paying yourself an income that can support you and your family, whilst allowing you to take holidays or do renovations etc. You are worthy of that!

You must pay yourself and I cannot stress this enough. You are doing the hard yards and creating these everlasting memories for your clients so why are you not paying yourself? And if you already are, are you paying yourself enough or should you give yourself a pay rise? 

I am here to help you work out what your true costs are and how much you need to make in order to cover those costs and make great profit. This means delving into your figures and understanding your true costs. As a business owner we must keep looking for more efficient ways to run our business. Let’s be honest, there is an app for everything and this ensures a super streamlined business.

Let’s strip down what you don’t need or maybe look at making some changes in your business. You are here to shoot less and earn more.

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