Module 1


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How can you stand out in a crowd of hundreds and become instantly recognised for your beautiful unique work? Module 1: Find your Signature Style and shoot like a BOSS is going to provide you with ALL tools you need to master your gorgeous craft. I have over 25 years experience and am genuinely passionate about mentoring you to recognise your true passion and love in Photography. I am here to teach you about the importance of creating your own Signature Photography Style as well as why you MUST have your own style. 

In my early years I was shooting everything and anything. I was a jack of all trades – master of none. My first step to quantum growth was finding my own unique Signature Style. I had to ask myself what area I wanted to specialise in and what I was truly passionate about. This morphed into specialising in family portraiture and my black and white Signature Style.

I am known and recognised for my white back drop, white shirt with jeans and a black and white finish. This matches perfect tonally and is classic, clean, simple and never going to date. White tops and jeans will always be around. My natural style and the way I loved to shoot evolved into my own unique style. 

Imagine someone walking into a friend’s home and immediately exclaiming, “Omg that’s a Katrina Christ”. Let me tell you, it is one of the most amazing feelings to be recognised for your gorgeous work and to be appreciated for your photography. My favourite line I ever heard was, “I’ve always wanted a Katrina Christ”. 

WOW, I mean seriously cool right. I always wanted to be a little bit famous and for people to know my name and guess what? I DID IT. My Signature Style is known and recognised. People know my name and my distinguished brand. 

Talented photographer, this can be YOU when you choose to start investing in yourself and doing what you LOVE. You can have the indescribable, amazing feeling of being appreciated and praised for your incredible photography with clients lining up wanted you as their family photographer.

You NEED to start specialising and focusing on the way you LOVE to shoot. When people love your work they will come to you because you are the specialist in that area. People will love YOUR Signature Style. 

What is it that you truly love? You get to choose! You choose your style of photography and how you want your shoots to run. You are in charge of this. I am here to tell you, you need to specialise, not photograph anything and everything just because you think it will make you money. Imagine being able to photograph exactly what you love, what makes you happy and then imagine doing that every day. 

What sparked you to become a Professional Photographer in the first place? Ignite the passion and love for your photography genius and start shooting what and how you LOVE. 

I am here to guide you and help you create your own Signature Style. I am here to help you find your uniqueness that you will become known and instantly recognised for. I am here to help you start making a name for yourself and have people know who you are. This is why having your own Signature Style is crucial. It starts NOW! 

Learn how to uncover your Signature Style to make your stamp in the Photography industry and get booked out!  

Join the High End Photography Academy today and let's find your divine Signature Style!